Customer Analytics and Targeting

We track the interactions of your customers with your web or mobile applications in real-time, and provide actionable metrics that will help increase your conversion.

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People and how they interact with your application

People and their actions

Data centered around your customers, not just page views. It’s more personal with us.

What are online metrics without the people? With FoxMetrics’ comprehensive analytics platform, we track how your users interact with your application – not just pages.

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data is processed immediately as they are received

Real Time

We can track your visitors’ actions in real-time. Plus, all information, records and data are updated in an instant.

Having to wait and refresh every 30 minutes or so is a thing of the past. It does not matter if your visitors are using smart phones, tablets or PCs – we can track them in real-time.

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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

The most complete and comprehensive web analytics you can use for your online campaign and marketing.

Page views, customer events, unique visits, visitors, files, bounce rates, exit rates and all other important web analytics – it’s ALL here.

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Support for multiple devices

Multi-Device Analytics

We are not limited to just desktop and laptop computers.

Smart phones, tablets, TVs or PCs – whatever your application visitors are using, FoxMetrics can support them. No need to complicate things. You can use this data to expand or enhance your application.

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actionable key point indicators

Actionable KPIs

Actions speak louder than words. Evaluate the success and performance of your application with our actionable KPIs.

Our metrics and reports are there to be used. We format all data for your own perusal. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION. Having trouble converting visitors to customers? Our reports can help you do just that.

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Customer life-cycle support

Customer Life-Cycle

We can track everything your users are doing – from the first click of your pages, logging in to your site, reading of your email, and down to the purchase of your product.

It would be great if your metrics system has a complete customer life cycle. With FoxMetrics we can give you a thorough report showing the actions of your user's while they are using your application.

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We integrate with other services

3rd Party Integrations

Do you already have accounts with other systems, we can integrate easily.

We don't want to limit you or force you to do manual labor, therefore, we can automatically update or pull data from one of our supported vendors - which allows you to see a complete picture in all your integrated applications such as your CRM or email campaign management tool.

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We support you all the way

Supreme Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is on stand-by 24/7 to answer all your queries.

Have a problem using the Dashboard, encountered a bug, or you just want to ask how a general question? Our customer support team can help you with all your concerns. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through our support ticketing system, email, chat and phone.

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